Can you install a slab on grade foundation in the Fall and leave it over winter?

Matthew Gioia
Matthew Gioia
Updated: Sept. 22, 2020

My fiance and I live in New Enland just outside of Boston MA. We have decided to take some eco-friendly and cost saving options to build our new home. 

We have chosen to build the house on a slab on grade foundation. My builder was suggesting that we at least start with the foundation in the fall and then start work back up again in the spring.

This may be okay when installing a full basement foundation, but can a slab foundation hold up in the cold new england winters without any protection from the elements? I worry that if the slab has zero protection from water freezing as well as no heat source, we risk the slab being affected by frost heaves. We are also planning to polish and finish the concrete flooring as our finished floor so keeping it in good condition o finish is important.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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