Can my shallow crawl space be converted to a slab foundation?

Sian O'Keefe
Updated: Sept. 23, 2020

I recently bought a 100 year old small stone house a few hundred meters from the shore of  Georgian Bay. It has a shallow crawl space which is about 20" deep.  About 15 years ago the floor joists were replaced due to rot, concrete footings poured and the floor of the crawl space covered in crushed stone. I have high humidity in the house and crawl space (despite the fact that the crawlspace is always clean and dry) for which I am trying to find a solution. And no doubt need some radon mitigation as well. The house is sitting above bedrock and  my neighbour who tried to dig a basement found water at about 42" below ground level. These constraints seem to have ruled out a lot of possibilities. Would it be realistic to look at converting to a slab foundation and how might I go about it? 

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