Can you elevate a slab on grade foundation?

Raoul Lions
Updated: Aug. 4, 2020

I'm building a home up north in Parry Sound, Ontario next year. I'd like a slab foundation raised three feet above the ground level. I'd like to have a wrap around porch.  So aesthetically I think it looks better than being on ground level. As well because of snow accumulation. 

My question is what would be the best way of constructing such a foundation? Or if it's even possible? I'd like the insulated slab on grade foundation idea but just wondering if elevating it 3ft. is possible? or is going with an ICF foundation, going down below frost level (4ft. Up north) a better route? Or do you suggest something altogether different? 

Keeping in mind I'm trying to build as Passive House as possible. 




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Shaun B
Shaun B 3 years ago

This photo has provided me with the inspiration to create a DIY threshold using several sheets of Nexcem.  Thanks

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago
Great to hear Shaun, if it works out well please send us a pic of you would to see how you did it.
Cornell Kent 3 years ago

Is a raised slab foundation suitable for areas with seismic activity like California?