Can you leave a Legalett slab in winter in Canada without the heat on?

Gamog Cladhaire
Updated: April 30, 2021

Hi, Planning a home in rural Southern Ontario (Zone 6A). We want heated slab on grade but are concerned about preventing seasonal issues esp winter. Legalett systems look very good esp their air radiant system. THE question for us is what happens in Winter when we are away for a few weeks. We'd need to keep heat on? At what level? Would pipe size in the Legalett air radiant system  (2" or 4") make a difference? Would it simply be better to go hydronic or electrical instead of the air radiant?  Thanks.

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Gamog Cladhaire 3 years ago

That's a very, very helpful response, Mike - thank you. 

Rj Pierson 3 years ago

I've looked into these Legalett slabs, and one of the things I liked was the electrically heated version that could be left on a low setting over winter. Even if the power went out for a while there's no chance of it freezing and water radiant floors can be a hassle in my experience.