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Dive deep into the latest practices in sustainable and green construction!

Ecohome's training goes beyond theory, providing practical skills and actionable insights. You'll learn from real-world case studies, industry best practices, and cutting-edge techniques. Our flexible format allows you to choose from live webinars, recorded sessions, and self-paced online learning, so you can fit your education into your busy schedule.  Our comprehensive courses cover everything from high-performance building envelopes and passive solar design to renewable energy systems and best practices for construction professionals. Learn from industry experts through interactive webinars and in-depth training sessions, gaining the knowledge and tools you need to build homes that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable.

Special offers For professionals

Online training for Professionals - Sustainable construction - Special Offer

Start on the right path to high performance home construction with this special offer: Both Eco-Home construction, Best Practices + Passive Solar Homes: Hyper-performance domestic construction, at 57% off! An exciting opportunity to develop your skills.

Resilient Design & Climate Specific Construction Webinar
For homeowners

An Introduction to Resilient Design & Climate Specific Construction

Learn how to custom-design your home to meet the challenges of your climate in this introduction to building resilient homes. Learn building science principles to help you build homes that are prepared to withstand the challenges of a changing climate.

For professionals

Online training: Best practices for construction professionals

Given that sustainability is the cornerstone of green construction, here is a training course designed for housing professionals. It will enable you to design, build and renovate high-performance homes in a sustainable way.

For professionals

Online training: Passive solar homes, hyper-performance domestic construction

Develop the technical knowledge to build using the principles of passive solar homes and to achieve sustainability and energy hyper-performance in domestic construction.

My new ecological home
For homeowners

Online training: My New Sustainable Home

Optimise your project and your investment in building a new home! As well as presenting the design aspects, this course focuses on the importance of a high-performance, environmentally-friendly envelope.