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The Ecohome Network - North America's leading sustainable building resource for over 20 years

With an annual traffic rate of more than 6 million unique visitors, over 16 million page views and a projected growth rate of +100% in 2024, the Ecohome Network is the world's longest serving and fastest growing green building website and hosts the largest network of sustainable construction professionals and green building products manufacturers. 

Each month over 500,000 consumers and construction professionals come here to find the information, products and assistance they need to service the growing market for sustainable high performance home building and lifestyles. We are here to help this transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future by providing the platform to support and grow a social community that matches needs with providers seamlessly.

Every company with products or services for this rapidly expanding demographic can benefit from a free listing on the Ecohome Network - especially as we are in full platform development and adding powerful functionality every month. Why chance missing out when it only takes 5 minutes to be part of this community?     

Listing a business for free also brings membership to this rapidly growing community. Helping to build a sustainable future starts here.

Ecohome for professionals: designed for the win

A tailor-made and growing tool for sustainable housing professionals and construction materials manufacturers 

With our online sustainable housing platform, Ecohome offers a unique way for manufacturers and service providers to position themselves and their products directly in the line of sight of their chosen market. 

With the Ecohome Network you can already:

Help engage the audience and profit from an Ai matched boost in visibility

Benefit from sustainability initiatives and projects by being rewarded with less effort

Take the opportunity to be seen by thousands of consumers looking for sustainable solutions

Sustainable businesses build respect. Being a proactive part of the solution is a clear win! 

Engage the market 

As mentioned, it's free (yes, we said ‘free’ again) to take your place in our sustainable building directory and grab customer's attention linked to our endless supply of guidance, advice, inspiring images and content. 

Most visitors find what they need directly from an online search, because our expert team has designed and optimized the Ecohome Network platform to maximize organic search results naturally. 

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We are rallying the Ecohome community

To mark our 20th anniversary, our team is proud to invite architects, contractors, manufacturers and distributors to contribute material to our latest project: the Ecohome Network search engine. This powerful communication tool automatically places pertinent products and services directly in front of your target demographic. And we're not talking about 'ads' here. We combine direct organic search driven traffic and image centric content. Most importantly, this is only the start of something huge.

It's no secret that pivoting to being truly 'green' is the only way to succeed in this age, not just as businesses but as a global community. Not 'greenwashing' green, but REAL green, since the planet is affording us no more time to sit on our hands. And the Ecohome Network is where the sustainable building community gathers, exchanges, engages and does business.

Today's customers are searching for something better, they are willing to invest in something better, and they are finding the Ecohome Network in the process. We inform, we discuss, we educate and we connect this group of individuals in a common goal. Greenwashing doesn't wash here, and our readers know it. This is a symbiotic win/win relationship that we want everyone in this industry to be a part of.

Our informed readers find the right products and people, so be seen to engage your target audience.

Discover what's offered:

A premium business profile

This free service is offered on an equal basis to all companies working in the field of sustainable housing or lifestyle that meet the Ecohome Network environmental criteria. Such a profile highlights the type of work done, and focuses on the ecological values and the quality of the materials, products and services used.

We are offering this for free to the global sustainable building community as our contribution to a better built environment and healthier planet.

Start here to create a profile


Share inspiration to help consumers visualize their projects

In addition to a business profile that's going to be seen in all the best places, Ecohome offers an ideal opportunity to showcase the best of green products and their use. Motivate those thinking about starting a project by creating multiple showcase pages. Create a following and grow brand recognition by sharing these beautiful showcases easily across social media. 

The more showcase pages created, the more prospective clients are able to connect and the more places and times they will be seen. This is how we grow together and why we decided to throw our doors wide open to this motivated community, united by the goal of reducing our impact on the planet by building and living better.


Growing a business with a presence on the Ecohome Network is both easy and rewarding

Take advantage of the tools we offer to increase exposure and connect with the 500,000+ individuals and professionals who come here every month looking for credible information on all subjects of sustainable housing and lifestyles.

Healthy, local and/or low-carbon materials, products and services are automatically linked to the most relevant content pages to connect with potential buyers. And, over the coming months, we'll be regularly adding functionality and sophistication so the effects can be measured and improved. We are committed to helping our professional members grow, and supporting them with our complimentary services.




 2024 offers great opportunities for manufacturers and service companies in the sustainable construction industry and lifestyle segment. 

Now is the time to join the Ecohome Network.


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