Our Team

Emmanuel B. Cosgrove

Co-founder and General Director

Emmanuel uses his hands-on experience as a former green builder to educate the residential building industry and its consumers. His devotion to green homebuilding has made him one of Canada's most sought after voices in the field. He is a co-founder of Écohabitation and Ecohome, and directs multiple initiatives that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of Canadian homes.

Mike Reynolds

Co-founder, Operations Director and Editor

Mike first became active on climate issues as an educator in 1990. He has a background in teaching and 15 years experience in homebuilding and project management. At Ecohome he produces content, is the senior website editor and works to promote sustainable housing initiatives through educational institutions.

Yanni Milon 

Co-founder and CTO

Yanni holds a bachelor's degree in computer science, has built several green homes and acted as advisor for many home building projects. Yanni is a LEED for Homes Green Rater as well as a co-founder and Technical Director of our french counterpart Écohabitation.

Denis Boyer

Energy Efficiency Coordinator 

Denis holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics, a bachelor's degree in software engineering and a master's degree in Energy and Sustainable Development. Denis is responsible for energy efficiency and modelling projects through our Passive Solar Index (PSI) program.

Andrew Gellert

Marketing Coordinator

Andrew has been working in marketing and business development in the sustainability sector for 12 years. For Ecohome he develops partnerships, advertising sales and visibility programs.

Lydia Paradis Bolduc


With a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Lydia has completed courses in architecture, green home construction, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
She is responsible for content development and product reviews, as well as research and support for our advice column.