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Qualifying eco-conscious manufacturers of innovative construction materials and products are welcomed to benefit from a listing in the Ecohome Network manufacturer and product information pages - where over 500k consumers find the products we regularly write about.

The standard listing is a free service that is open to all, though we reserve inclusion to companies and products that meet a strict set of eco-criteria. Our system places listings pertinent to content, so that qualifying products and companies are showcased with relevant product and technique pages in our 600+ content pages.

There are also a limited number of opportunities for select official partners to appear in targeted features and placements which is proven to generate a significantly enhanced level of qualified, targeted client inquiries. To be considered for inclusion in the general listing, please complete the dedicated submission form below.

If you would like to discuss a featured listing or partnership opportunity, including our enhanced online marketing strategy and organic search engine optimization or to have a product or product launch featured on The Ecohome Network, please contact us directly at: 

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