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Foundations, Basements & Slab-on-Grade

When renovating or building a new home in the US or Canada with a Basement or a Slab on Grade, in the EcoHome Foundation & Basement guide section you will find the basics on foundation, basement & slab design, under slab insulation, site selection & preparation, excavation, drainage & radon gas prevention and mitigation

Moisture Behind Plastic Test Strip in Basement

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How do I get water out of basement?

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How long should you wait before finishing a new basement?

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Does radon gas have an odor?

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Should I put 2" foam board under, around, AND on top of concrete slab?

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Will air heated floors work in a northern climate?

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Can we backfill a basement and then do slab on grade?

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Foundations and Basements

Building science for foundations and slab on grade options are explained, for example raft slabs as a frost-protected shallow foundation. EcoHome helps readers understand the issues that affect energy efficiency, moisture management, slab on grade forming techniqueshow to choose between a crawlspace or a slab foundation and radon control and removal so you can build more efficient Green homes and better insulated crawlspaces that will last a lifetime.

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