Will air heated floors work in a northern climate?

Matthew holmes March 22, 2022

Hello everyone, first off thanks everyone for the great website and content. It is extremely helpful for someone like myself who is trying to gain knowledge/education about energy efficienct buildings.

We are starting  to design a new home, which will be located in The Yukon, Canada. We are planning on building a insulated slab on grade, with in floor heating. We are looking to build around 1600-1800sqft.   

We have a 5 acre property, which is perfectly suited for a south facing building. It has a large flat clearing that already has a brand new 3 bedroom septic and electricity installed on a farm service. We are leaning towards a shed roof design, with detached garage. The "Canmore East" house is similar to the design route we are headed.

Hopefully I have painted a bit of a picture of our project. I have many questions, but I'll start things off with the slab. Can anyone tell me more about air heated slabs vs hydronic? I understand hydronic is able to carry more energy in the medium, but also like the idea of having a system that only has air moving through the slab.   

I have followed the building project from EcoHome with the air heated slab, but was wondering if anyone had any reviews of the system a year after? Also, being located in The Yukon, I'm hesitant as I may have to foot the bill to have a representive of Legalett brought up for the approval process? 

Much appreciated, Matt. 

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