Opel Plus wood burning fireplaces by RSF

Opel Plus catalytic fireplaces are available with either single or double cast iron door options. They are made to keep your family warm.

The Opel Plus series takes catalytic wood burning fireplaces with blowers to the next level. These are ultra-high efficiency wood-burning fireplaces, with a 3000ft2 heating capacity. EPA certified at 0.7g/hr makes the Opel Plus one of the most advanced and cleanest units available on the market today, yet it still maintains its classic styling. In the past, Popular Science Magazine has recommended the Opel for its efficiency and reduction of emissions. Over the years this technology has only improved and been refined to make the Opel Plus what it is today.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Long lifespan
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

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