Become a contributor

Become a contributor!

The Ecohome Network is a meeting place where all members are welcome to contribute, and there are many ways to do so. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more details, but here are some ways you can participate:


If you are a writer (or aspiring one with technological expertise to share), pitch us an idea for a building guide article.

 We only accept Building Guide content contributions that are inline with our mission of promoting the most sustainable and ecologically responsible building strategies, and that are written in an objective manner and do not promote a particular business or product. We reserve the right to edit for quality, grammar or reasons of length, etc.

Please check out pages first to be sure there is such a void that needs filling, and then get in touch with [email protected]. Send us a suggested outline, and please include a link to any pages you found in our guide that you think are relevant so we can avoid content overlap as well as cross referencing pages that are pertinent but not substantially the same.

Products and services:

If you are a material manufacturer or distributor, a builder, developer or subcontractor, we would love to promote your business in our free green products or sustainable construction professionals directories.

Showcases: strut your stuff!

As a professional builder, if you participated in building a home that performs at an exceptional level of efficiency or carries a certification such as LEED, Passive House or Net Zero, you are welcome to showcase it for free in the professional service directory.

If you are a homeowner and have a home you are proud of that was built or renovated to a high environmental standard, contact [email protected] about featuring it on our pages. Please let us know where your project is located and send us a brief overview of the notable features and energy performance. Please include 3 or 4 photos for us to review and we will be in touch. 

Discussion forums:

This is the true meeting place of Ecohome. Homeowners can search our questions and answers for specific information, and they are encouraged to share their experiences to help others succeed, and also avoid pitfalls. If you have a question and don’t see it already in the pages when you do a search, please ask a question of your own.

Those with expertise are encouraged to make a name for themselves and their businesses by responding to questions in the discussion forum. This increases your visibility and name recognition, so the more you participate the more your clients will see you. And every answer you provide in the forum has a direct link back to your pro member profile page, so we look forward to hearing from you and helping you build your business!