How to keep homes cool without air conditioning

 Here are some tips that will help you reduce your A/C needs, and they will certainly help you stay cool in the absence of having any air conditioning. 


How to keep a home cool without an air conditioner

Should you buy a home with a finished basement?

Most finished basements are moldy or will develop mold in the future because they are usually built poorly. Learn what to look for when home shopping and don't buy a home with a poorly-built basement

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Dimpled waterproof membranes on exterior basement walls helps prevent mold


Top 10 tips for operating and heating a pool cheaply and efficiently, including how to build a new pool with better energy efficiency.

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How to heat and maintain a pool as affordably and efficiently as possible


Ground covers and succulent plants offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional high maintenance lawn, the bonus is, bees love them too!

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Find eco-friendly altnerative ground covers grass

Standardized sustainable homes, enhancing Canada's housing landscape

The federal government has proposed a groundbreaking solution to the Canadian housing crisis: the establishment of a standardized home directory. 

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Are pre-approved home design catalogue Canada, a good or bad idea? © Robe

World's first carbon-negative home built to withstand extreme weather

Beyond bricks and mortar: pPartanna's carbon-negative, storm-resistant 'tree-like' home offers self-sufficiency in this changing climate

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A Home for the World: Breathing Concrete for a Hopeful Future

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