Location & Mobility

Neighbourhoods, living and commuting

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Emergency preparedness guide for homes

How to prepare for emergencies and power outages

Home-buying tips for seniors looking to downsize

Learn how to trim down your possessions and find the home that suits you.

Building in flood plains

Future-proofing homes: building for a changing climate

The effects of our changing climate aren't just coming anymore, they are here. How and where we build has to change as well.

Wind turbine © Jinterwas, Flickr

Clean energy infrastructure and efficient-housing for Canada's Indigenous communities

Last summer the 20/20 Catalysts Program kick-started a clean-energy initiative for Indigenous communities. This summer the focus will be on improving communi...

Climate change impact of meat

Food and climate change – what are the impacts of your food choices?

If you're looking to tread a little lighter on the planet and maybe even eat a little healthier, have a look at the list of foods below.

What makes a home livable to you?

Urban centers are increasing in population, with that comes the challenge of making them a healthy and enjoyable place to live, both in your home and out.

Aerial view of BRE Innovation Park Living City Campus

Seven experimental homes being built at the Living City Campus North of Toronto

The BRE Innovation Park will be expanding its facilities to conduct research into advanced building products and technologies

Electric vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicles getting help from the provinces

Badly needed infrastructure for charging electric vehicles coming from the provinces, along with financial incentives for purchase

Non-toxic, naturally-dyed Easter eggs

DIY non-toxic & all natural Easter egg dye.

Dying eggs is especially fun when using all natural dye made in your very own kitchen.

Alex and Jerelyn Wilson's Vermont farm

Creating a farm and building a resilient lifestyle

A resilient home is one that is better prepared to face the challenges of a changing climate, ideally providing security of heat, water and food.


The best desk we've ever seen

The benefits of a bicycle desk are plenty: from generating your own energy, to optimizing your health, to reclaiming that time you might have spent at the gy...

The Scrooser: eco cruising in style

Navigating the urban core never looked better. Transportation in a congested urban core can be challenging, frustrating and tough on the environment. Electri...

Tesla solar roof

The Tesla Solar Roof price and release date

The Tesla Solar Roof is available this summer in Canada but it won't be cheap.

USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson home receives high praise from the USGBC

The Wallace Residence, also known as the Earthship Farmstead, was named Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year by the U.S. Green Building Council

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