How would you insulate a shipping container house?

Randy Moory
Updated: Sept. 27, 2021

I am undertaking a project in Baja California Sur.  I am attempting a building a sustainable community of houses that uses shipping containers for the structure.  I have read your arguments for and against shipping containers.  However, my choices do not include wood and recycled shipping containers are far more sustainable than concrete house. 

I am studying how to insulate these structures in a sealed blanket of form insulation panels with a thermal break between the insulating panels and the steel walls of the shipping container.  The outside of the wall will be a mix of decorative stone and stucco. I would like your advice on this subject.  Climate is warm dry winter with low humidities and moderate temperatures, little rain.  Summers are hot and humid with periods of intense tropical storms.

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nick cook
nick cook 2 years ago

Due to the shape spray foam will be your best option.