Where do I start to build a small, affordable, low-maintenance house?

Ocean-Lynn Georgelin
Updated: Aug. 7, 2020

Hello I am 20 years old and live in NORTHERN British Columbia. I used to rent a small cabin a bike everywhere all year round, I now have and live in my truck because I am saving money to build an environmentally friendly house for me and my dog.

I have researched tiny houses and such, but as a vegan working student with a dog and who like to garden, I  find they are: A) a little cramed B) too much maintenance. I then started looking at Earthships which had great ideas but seemed off. Btw, I love your guys's article on that.

Anyways now I'm here, your website is very helpful and I will definitely using alot of your ideas :) I've already been telling everyone in my fam of construction workers to check out your website. (They all think I'm crazy and don't believe that you can feesably make an 'eco home' in our part of the world) anyways I am hoping you guys could give some pointers on where to start.

The home will have to be 100% off grid due to location. Hopefully I'll be able to have a well. I currently own some solar panels and have access to a variety of machines for digging and clearing land, and I know if I can create a reasonable plan I can get friends and family on board to help.

I know this is alot of information, I just want to paint a picture. Anyways I am not a builder and much of the information I read can be a little overwhelming to sift through, but I am really passionate about showing people that living an eco life is possible in this area and you don't have to be rich or have some sort of alternative job that affords you all the time in the world. If a 20 year old woman studying linguistics can do it, so can everyone else. Haha, thanks for reading this far if you have and please please please if you could point my in the right direction I'd be so greatful!


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Ocean-Lynn Georgelin 4 years ago

Thank you for the detailed response! I will definitely be reading these articles. I do already have some land :)