How do you design and build a green home on a very small budget?

Paul Squire
Updated: Aug. 2, 2020

 What would be the best house design financially, and would weather the Canadian climate, and cost of this. I am starting again in life and I am doing Renovation at college (at age 47) which covers sustainable construction. I liked the earthship idea but have read the flaws in Canada, I just like the thought of it kind of running itself.

I have no money yet but need a goal to get there because I am quickly ageing, quicker than everyone else it seems. I have covered passive solar on my college program just to mention that. I would love it if some one would say this is what you need, get the land and it'll cost $100k, get saving!! At least then I would have an image of where to head. I am currently renting a room in Burlington, Ontario.

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