How do insulate the outside of a log home?

Michael Hickey
Updated: Aug. 1, 2020

I built a dove tailed, flat inside and outside, chinked log home with 10" thick by average 18" long red pine logs.  I heat it mostly with a masonry wood stove, backed up by an electric boiler. it's built on a slab with radiant hot water heating. I want to increase the efficiency of the house by insulating the outside. What I have in mind is vertical 2x4 strapping, 3 1/2" Roxul insulation, horizontal strapping with 1x3s and then either vinyl siding or pre painted wood board and batten. My questions would be, do I need to have a air gap between the logs and insulation and should I use a house wrap over the insulation. Any advice would be most welcomed. Thanks

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Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson 8 months ago

This is great advice. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to consult on a log home project that involves wrapping the house in a new envelope?