How do you re-do the insulation on a old cabin from the outside?

Raphael Couture
Updated: Sept. 17, 2020

I'm planning on stripping the outside walls right to the studs in an old cabin in cold/very cold climate. It will be heated once a week in winter. There is no vapor barrier right now in the walls. Is it OK to install polyethylene on the backside of the studs, then adding fiberglass mats, finishing with Tyvek, furring and wooden exterior.  Usually the vapor barrier is installed on the INSIDE of the studs, not on the outside. Any molding risks ?

Thanks !

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Raphael Couture
Raphael Couture 3 years ago

The way you describe the vapor barrier is what I had in mind. It would still be on the warm side of the insulation, but on the outside of the studs instead of inside like usual. That was the area of concern (the studs). 

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago

Ok, Great to hear. with a re-read it makes more sense, glad we're in agreement! Best of luck with it Raphael.