Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds


Builder / Educator

Long into his career as a home builder focusing on passive solar designs and experimental building envelopes, Mike built his own home in the early 2000s. In the process, he found there was no reliable and comprehensive source of building advice available online. So he set out to change that with a couple of like-minded partners.

Fast forward about 15 years to now, and the Ecohome Network has become that very source of building information that was needed. With something of an obsession for creating the most resilient and efficient homes, Mike’s head is always spinning with ideas on how to build better, and how to best bring that information to others.

Mike is happiest when he has the attention of a group of curious homeowners or builders - in person or online - that share his passion for pushing the envelope on performance home construction, and who realize optimal comprehension is achieved when information is delivered with a sizeable helping of humor.


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