Radon in Homes - Mitigation - DIY & Professional

Radon is a Natural Gas that is radioactive, invisible, heavier than air & odorless and it's the second cause of lung cancer in North America after smoking, as well as causing other serious health issues.

Preventing radon gas in homes starts with testing for radon - the only sure way
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Radon Gas Awareness - Up to 10% of North American homes tested have unsafe radon levels

Long-term exposure to high levels of radon gas in homes is the second greatest cause of lung cancer after smoking - that's 25000 preventable deaths a year from radon exposure - has your home been tested. Why is Radon a Problem in USA & Canada? Radon gas is cancer-causing radioactive, invisible, odourless and…

Crawlspace radon barrier installation for radon mitigation
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces

Removing radon gas from existing basements and crawlspaces can be very effective, here are different options for different situations. Radon Gas in Crawlspaces & Basements - why is it a problem? Radon gas was not high on the radar of builders and home owners over the last few decades, but as it is the second leading…

Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from well water

High levels of radon gas in the air of your home might be coming from your water and not the floor of your basement. It is a very wise idea to have the air of your home checked for high levels of radon gas. Health Canada has identified exposure to radon gas as the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking…

Radon Mitigation - Installing a radon evacuation stack in a slab floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Mitigating radon gas in homes

Radon gas in homes is a growing health concern. Adding a passive radon stack is always a good idea to prepare a home for better indoor air quality. Radon gas builds up in homes and has serious health effects. Reducing radon gas in homes is cheap and easy with a slab floor barrier with proper sealing at junctions…

Radon and vapour barrier below slab on grade floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Vapour / radon barriers below slab floors

Installing a 10 mil polyethylene barrier below a concrete slab floor to prevent moisture wicking and create a radon gas barrier. How to Install a Radon Barrier - Slab Floors If in the kind of area where it's a good idea to install a vapor barrier against radon ingress, (check out the Radon maps by state and province…


Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Obviously we don't want Radon gas in our homes!

Testing is the only certain way to know your level of exposure to Radon, & with todays modern airtight homes it's becomes essential to ensure good Ventilation to improve air quality in the home especially with an energy saving HRV or ERV unit to keep interior air from becoming dangerously loaded with allergens & poisons like Radon, Formaldehyde and mold spores.

If you're in an area of the USA or Canada susceptible to Radon, often in areas with Granite as a bedrock, then you should definitely test for high Radon Gas levels & if present then take steps to Mitigate or Remove Radon from your home in the crawlspace, basement or ground floor living space by DIY or Professional means. See Below for our Guides on How to Remove Radon from Homes: