The DELTA®-DRY & LATH is a 2-in-1 product combining the microporous DELTA®-DRY rainscreen with a fiberglass lath for a one-step moisture control & lath system on a roll… A 2-in-1 product that combines the proven technology of DELTA®-DRY rainscreen with an innovative fiberglass lath for a complete, one-step moisture co…

UV Wood Finished Hardwood Plywood Panel

UV Wood - hardwood plywood panel

UV Wood panels - a versatile, beautifully finished hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products… UV WoodTM is a beautiful, finished hardwood plywood panel featuring a clear, durable topcoat on one or both sides. The versatile, modified acrylate epoxy finish is tough, resistant to scrapes, chips and the effects of so…

Formulated limes for Tradical Hempcretes in Canada distributed by Isofib

Tradical PF 70 Concrete Hemp Insulation

Discover the highest performance lime formulated for Hemp concrete by Tradical… Formulated limes for Tradical® Hempcretes Tradical® PF 70 is a binder pre-formulated with an aerial lime base (75%) combined with hydraulic (15%) and pozzolanic (10%) binders, and is mixed with Chanvribat® hurds (Granulat Chanvre Bâtiment …

Air-heated radiant floor systems

Air-Heated Radiant Floor System by Legalett

Air-Heated radiant floor system for concrete slab-on-grade shallow foundations from Legalett… Legalett design & engineer both the foundation and the heated floor system as a whole. The migration of dampness and the effects of frost heave are eliminated through proper design. The Legalett air-heated radiant floor syste…

Isolofoam ISOCLAD exterior wall insulation panels

Isolofoam ISOCLAD Wall Insulation Panels

ISOCLAD EPS panels for above grade exterior wall insulation… Air barrier/non vapour barrier expanded polystyrene insulation panel with a laminated membrane designed for exterior insulation of above grade walls. Ideal for increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of any type of building. Product developed by Isolofo…

QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission

QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic Batt Insulation from Owens Corning

QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission… Insulate bedrooms, living and family rooms, home theatres, laundry rooms and home offices with Owens Corning EcoTouch QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic Insulation to reduce noise transmission through walls, interior partitions, floors and ceili…

Pearl wood-burning fireplace

Pearl fireplace

Pearl wood-burning fireplace… The Pearl is crafted with the perfect combination of refined, yet rustic styling. Advanced wood burning technology restricts smoky emissions and maximizes heat efficiency. Capable of heating 1,500 square feet, the Pearl can be outfitted with an optional Heat Dump blower to ensure your com…

EUROPassive Doors for Passive House and energy-efficient homes

EUROPassive Doors

NZP EUROPassive High-performance doors for energy-efficient home building and Passive House Certification… Tilt and turn doors and windows Superior thermal and acoustic insulation Break-in resistant Innovative compression-seal technology Integrated reinforcement system to ensure greater strength Smooth surface and ea…

Vitosol DHW Solar Pack

Vitosol DHW Solar Pack

Vitosol DHW Solar Pack thermal solar water heater and water tank… Efficient use of the sun's energy made easy and affordable with the Solar Pack for domestic hot water. The Vitosol DHW Solar Pack includes: Two (2) Vitosol 100-FM flat plate collectors (4.02 m² total area) Vitocell 100-W dual mode solar hot water tank …

Radostat continuously operating radon gas sensor

Radostat radon gas sensor

Radostat continuously operating radon gas detector activates HRV systems when radon gas concentration reaches unsafe levels.… The Radostat is a continuously operating radon detector that is coupled with ventilation systems and activates them when the indoor concentration of radon gas reaches unsafe levels.  Real-time…

Hemp wood flooring

Hemp wood flooring

Hemp hardwood flooring is a formaldehyde-free engineered flooring product that is sustainably-grown and harvested. It comes either unfinished or finished with a UV treated Zero VOC protective coating. Hempwood is aproximately 25% harder than other hardwood floor such as oak, hickory or maple.