What is the best way to insulate exterior walls of a mid-70's Pioneer Log home?

Keith McDevitt
Updated: Dec. 1, 2020

The cottage is located in Thornbury Ont - 20km west of collingwood and is original. It is a 2 story on a slab. The first story is cinder block and the 2nd floor is the log portion. It has the smaller milled logs and is a bit drafty in the winter. It also has the original windows that need to be replaced. I am wondering if I should do the  windows first, then insulate the walls or should I do it all at the same time?  So far it seems the best route for insulation is an air barrier applied to the exterior then insulation then an exterior like painted wood or something engineered.  Should we use a foam insulation or could that lead to vapour issues?  Thanks!!

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