What's the best way to insulate over stucco?

Zarah M
Updated: Nov. 28, 2022


I would like to insulate and reclad the exterior of my Dutch Colonial home. This home was built sometime between the 40s to 60s, has vinyl over stucco cladding,2x4 walls with poly vapor barrier on the first floor. I don't want to remove the metal roofing and with the roof there is little overhang. I have two challenges one, the stucco and possible asbestos, I would like to leave the stucco and insulate with rock wool and reclad with wood or metal. Removing stucco is costly and polluting. The second challenge is the overhang. I'm my opinion adding more insulation is better than none and with rock wools breathability, if I can only get two inches plus siding that's going up regardless,some is better than none? If the stucco is sound with no damage does it make sense to leave it, tyvek,rockwool, and cover? Thanks

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