What is the best way to insulate a basement?


What is the best way to insulate my basement?

Chris Rogers Oct. 27, 2019Last updated: Aug. 7, 2020

I have an unfinished walkout basement with 3 sides at or below grade. The two sides of the house have poured concrete step foundation down toward the rear with framed walls on top. The framed areas have fiberglass insulation but the concrete is bare. 

I want to finish these walls with a newly framed wall covering the concrete and partial wall. Should I:

1. Install Foam Board Insulation over the bare concrete and leave the framed walls insulated as the are?

2. Install Foam Boards over the concrete and replace the foam in between the studs and maybe even put the existing fiberglass batt insulation back in the cavities over the foam?

3. Leave it as is and insulate the new wall that will be framed in front of existing wall and foundation?

I know I don’t have to cover up concrete it is just preference. I’d rather not see concrete and then have it broken up with drywall “steps”.

I live in Kentucky if this helps.



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