What is the best way to insulate interior basement walls that are sweating?

Chris B

I am trying to determine the best way to go about insulating my prestudded basement.  I have new construction with 8" thick poured basement concrete walls.  My basement is a walk out, half is completely under ground with an external vapor barrier and the walk out half is expose concrete.  My interior walls are all painted with Drylok. 

Also I have a wood stove in my basement which basically has given me about 30% humidity.  My issue is where that concrete is exposed and I apply insulation to the interior, my walls are sweating.  So I know I have air getting in behind that insulation hitting the cold concrete walls, creating the sweating issue.  I thought I had everything sealed up well but then I just created ice behind the insulation. 

So now, I am looking at possibly adding foam board with the hope of sealing up those problem areas better and then applying a layer of batt insulation over top.  One of my issues is, with the wall already prestudded is how to apply the foam board.  I think I can get the foam board behind the studs in certain areas, but then in other areas I do not have enough space behind the stud to install foam board as I have between 1/8" - 1" of space behind the studs. 

If I install foam board behind the studs where I am able to and then foam board between the studs in those other areas what do I do behind the studs that I am unable to get foam board behind, do I use a spray foam to fill in that crevice?  I am interested if anyone has any suggestions?  Thanks

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