What is the best way to insulate a concrete block house?

kent wardecke
kent wardecke
Updated: Nov. 12, 2020

I purchased a home built in the 50's. The exterior is brick. I removed some interior paneling expecting to find a wood frame celtex and empty wall cavities.  I found concrete block.  Now I longer worry about tornadoes but I need to insulate my home.  I am planning a complete gut including the ceiling and the 4 inches of cellulose in the Attic.

For the Attic I am planning on two layers of fiberglass R19 and R38.

For the walls I was planning on attaching foil bubble wrap to the existing furring strips for a radiant and moisture barrier.  Then stud out the inside and R13 insulation then dry wall.


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Luba Sharapan
Luba Sharapan 3 years ago

Kent, did you ever come up with a proper solution? What did you decide do, if you don't mind sharing?