Should I vent the space between a block wall and vapor barrier?

Nick Santore
Nick Santore
Updated: Oct. 28, 2020

I bought my house about a year ago and I recently took out 4 of the exisiting basement walls. 3 of which where exterior and 1 was just dividing the finished area and utilites. I found mold behind the wood paneling, sheetrock, 2x4 wood studs, and fiberglass insulation. The old walls were just about touching the block walls and had no barrior between them. I now am going to put 4 new walls up (same as before 3 exterior, 1 dividing). I use Drylok so far on all the exterior walls follwoing the instructions.

Now I plan on installing a vapor barrier using 6 Mil plastic and hold the new walls a few inches off of the block. I am worried about the moisture that makes it past the Drylok and it stoped by the vapor barrier. I have no french drain or any drain sytem. I believe Im right when saying that that space between the block and barrier has to breath for the moisture to dry.  

I have the idea of putting a dehumitifer by the utlities and running duct work (slab level) around the 3 walls). Do i need to run duct work or will the dehumidifer be able to pull 22ft make a 90 another 22ft another 90 and then another 22 ft? The top 32 inches of block are exterior if that makes a difference i just dont want me new work to be ruined. Also I have been looking since day 1 and have seen no water leaks in the spots of the basement I can see and since demo it has rained and still no water.

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