How do you apply vapor barrier and insulation to a CMU house?

Scott Brekke
Updated: Aug. 27, 2020

This house is located in SC and is built with 8" block walls.  What is the best way to insulate and apply vapor barrier. I have to install studs to the interior of the block for seismic resistance and attach the studs to the block.  The block walls will basically become a veneer. Can I apply a paint vapor barrier, and which side of the block should I apply it to?  

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Luba Sharapan
Luba Sharapan 3 years ago

@Scott Brekke, did you ever resolve this situation? If I'm reading your comment correctly, you weren't referring to the foundation, but the actual (above-ground) house that is built out of CMU's or maybe even Rock Face Block. I am facing the same exact dilemma in NE Tennessee. High humidity,  40 degree winters, 90 degree wet summers.  Mold on the interior of the concrete block but since it is rock face, that IS the siding so I have to build the layers on the interior. What did you end up doing, if you don't mind sharing?