Should I insulate my basement ceiling?

Nina Hartt
Updated: Aug. 3, 2020

My bungalow is around Toronto, and is a little over 100 years old with block walls in the basement. we recently learned our basement wasnt insulated properly, and probably done to hide some flaws. In response we’ve decided to rip it all out and do any necessary repairs. This is going to take us some time, and we probably won’t be done in time for next winter. We want to take the opportunity to open up the basement ceiling to inspect wiring etc. My concern is this; the unfinished basement will be cold next winter and that will spread to the rest of the house with the ceiling opened up down there. Should I insulate the basement ceiling? It’s possible that our basement is not suitable for refinishing, so it might always be cold.

Ive read about insulating rim joists and that seems to be a good idea that won’t contribute to moisture problems. It’s not a wet basement, but the block does get a bit of the white stuff gathering under the paint on the blocks. 

Thanks in advance 

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