Should I install basement drain tile vents?

gary taube
Updated: Aug. 27, 2020

I'm installing basement drain system and the contractor wants to install vents through the concrete floor at the wall junction to drain moisture condensate from basement walls through the floor to the drain tiles. He claims this prevents mold from forming behind finished walls.  Does this work or is it only a path for Radon and ground vapors into the basement?

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gary taube 4 years ago

My description was correct and quite understandable.   To stop ground water seepage through the concreete at the junction of the basement floor and the foundation wall seven of ten interviewed contractors require removing the stud wall, removing the floor up to 12 inches from the foundations wal, trenching down 8 inches, installing a drain tile along the footer  that runs to a sump, re-concreting the floor over the drain tile  with plastic vent tubes at the foundation wall to allow basement wall condensation and leakage to drain throught the floor, thru the gravel to the drain tile.   Without  vents the system will not be warrantied for keeping the basement dry.   They claim it will b prevent mold behind the stud wall when it  is replaced. 

Mike Reynolds 4 years ago

Your first description was lacking in detail Gary, with the additional information it is now understandable, though I find your comment a bit sassy given that you are asking for help and I was asking for details so I could provide you with that help.   

Proper drainage is essential for basements, so if it was not built properly in the first place then digging a trench along the interior perimeter to install a weeping tile and including ‘drains’ for water is a sensible idea if you have a high-water table or regular water infiltration into your basement.

If 7 of your 12 contractors recommend removing the stud wall, I assume they also recommend rebuilding the wall? How they build the wall and manage moisture will determine if there is mold or not, A floor drain may prevent bulk water accumulation and therefore slow the rot of the bottom plates but it will not prevent mold.