Where do you install a weeping tile with a high water table?

Alex Kesheshian
Updated: Sept. 15, 2020

The plans on my new house call for my footings to be 18 inches below the level of my basement floor. High water table and the engineer wanted the footings on undisturbed soil. So I basically need to pour my basement wall 18 inches higher then plan then fill the inside with crushed gravel and have my basement floor elevated. How should I install my perimeter weeping tile? I obviously cannot have it that far below my basement slab or I won’t be able to access the sump pump/pit. Thoughts? Should I suspend the weeping tile outside the wall just below the basement slab? Thanks

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Medi Zadegan
Medi Zadegan 3 years ago

I have water under my footing , can I run a T  connected to weeping tiles to get water out ? 

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago
I think I understand what you are asking, and if so - yes, you can have a T junction on a weeping tile along the perimeter of a footing, you just need to be able to drain it to daylight.