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Paul Racioppo
Paul Racioppo 4 years ago

Thanks for your reply.  The vapor barrier is overlapped, not tapped.  I had high humidity which was causing mold growth.  With the dehumidifier it varies between 50-55%.  Mold growth has ceased.

Mike Reynolds 4 years ago

Keep it to about 50-55% RH is good, that's about the high end you want to be at before mold becomes a problem again. Taping it woudn't be a bad idea, that may even drop it a little bit more, so will making sure it's sealed around the edge of the wall and any support post or plumbing pipes.

And if by chance you live in an area with high radon gas you might want to get it checked, you're a very quick fix to having a rudemendatry radon barrier and even radon evacuation stack. Not trying to find problems for you, but radon is still a bit unknown, and a very serious health concern. Here are our pages on it detecting and mitigating radon gas in homes.