What is the best way to insulate a crawl space?

Murray Kipp
Updated: Oct. 5, 2021

Hi, I have a small cottage in sothern ontario (Canada) than I am going to rent out for the winter, it was never used in the winter and we have installed a furnace in the small basement, the rest of the cottage is crawl space with dirt(sand) floor, there is a couple heat ducts set up to blow heat down there. I will install insulation over the water supply lines with heat tape, nothing over the drains or pee traps. The walls in the crawl space has been insulated with 1" rigid insulation the cottage itself has been well sealed, the floor joists on one 1/2 of the cottage has R12 between the Joists, the other 1/2 looks like it has ceiling tiles between the joists for a bit of insulation. The question is, should I remove the insulation between the joists and install rigid insulation over the dirt floor? Or insulate between all the Joists? Or would just vapour barier above the ground sufice? Will the 2 heat ducts be enough to keep everything from freezing down below for the winter, also should anything be done with the drain lines?

Also as a second thought the area that the floor is insulated with R12 is where there is no water lines would it make sense to curtain that area off and just focus on keeping the side with the water lines warmer.... the cottage is only 670 sq feet.... so not large

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