How do you insulate a cottage crawlspace? It's in the Haliburton Highlands

Beata Domanska
Beata Domanska
Updated: Sept. 14, 2020

Our cottage is on concrete piers. The cottage crawlspace is uneven ranging from 30-36 inches. Exterior of crawlspace surrounded by pressure treated plywood skirting which has multiple vents. The dirt floor is well covered with heavy guage plastic. There is pink batt insulation between joists. The cottage crawlspace is divided in half by a styrofoam boundary. One half has all the plumbing, 2 radiators, spray foam around perimeter and a dehumidifier with hose exiting to outside. The vents on this side have been sprayed shut with the foam.

From reading the other posts on this site, we wonder if a) we should close all the vents, b) remove the pink insulation to reduce humidity, c) remove the styrofoam boundary from underneath, and d) spray insulation on entire perimeter of plywood skirting?

Would moisture problems under cottage contribute to moisture inside cottage? We would like to reduce moisture and keep the cottage as warm as possible because we are living here part-time throughout the year.

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