Emmanuel B. Cosgrove

Emmanuel B. Cosgrove


Co-founder and General Director

With a Degree in Environmental Studies and International Development, Emmanuel brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in renovation and construction to his role as a passionate advocate for sustainable homes. As the visionary founder of Écohabitation and then Ecohome, he has dedicated himself to reshaping our approach to the built environment, striving to make it more sustainable, healthy, and energy-efficient while ensuring it remains durable, affordable, and accessible to all.

Emmanuel's expertise extends beyond advocacy, as he serves as a senior LEED® Canada for Homes evaluator, leading a team responsible for overseeing the LEED® certification process across Quebec for all building types. His multifaceted role also sees him as a dynamic speaker, trainer, manager, and strategic advisor, where he has built a reputation through his collaborations with diverse partners and organizations. His approach is characterized by integration, utilizing a range of reference tools and offering detailed solution paths for better construction, tailored to varying budgets.

Setting an inspiring example as an early adopter, Emmanuel achieved LEED® Platinum certification for a complete renovation of his own Montreal residence back in 2007. This was followed by making history with Ecohome by securing the first LEED® V4 Platinum certification in Canada (and second in the world) for the iconic Edelweiss house near Ottawa which was also awarded an Honourable mention in 2018 for the Inspiring Home Award. In recognition of his significant contributions to Green building, Emmanuel was honored to win the Canadian CAGBC Green Building Champion Award in 2016 and continues his quest to inspire better building with his training webinars.


Emmanuel presents the green roof installation on the Edelweiss:



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