How do you insulate concrete basement walls and avoid mould?

William Hunter
Updated: March 3, 2021

I have seen pictures of 1.5 inch Rock Wool covering the entire basement walls. Then the stud framing goes on. Then additional bats or Rock Wool boards installed between the frame stuctures. I do not want to finish the basement any time soon, but I want to insulate it. I have put the Rock Wool in the rim joices. I had one panel of styrofoam board that was left over. I put it up against the basement wall. When I removed it to get at the rim joices there was mould behind it near the bottom. I had the foil side toward the interior and a plastic layer side next to the wall. I was hoping to nail the Rock Wool Comfort 80 Board to the entire wall, and then when the time is right frame and finish.

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William Hunter 3 years ago