What is the best way to do Stucco/E.I.F.S exterior window wraps?

Pat Estes July 17, 2020Updated: Sept. 25, 2020

Ive been a Plasterer for 30yrs and always wrapped and flashed windows to protect from water intrusion. Yet I see roofers doing it wrong, painters attempting it and the issues always effected stucco. Is there a licensed or certification for pan flashing or air barrier installation?

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Rj Pierson 9 months ago

One of the most important details that I see people struggling with is when trying to fix and flash high performance windows in a building shell with exterior insulation. Using an insulated window buck system like the one Legalett has developed is cost effective and gives an extended and insulating window reveal for securely fixing windows that makes it easier to h out and seal to prevent water ingress and condensation. A simple and cost effective solution that I recommend - and also useful for ICF construction.