Can I reclaim old triple slider windows?

Keanan Toews
Updated: Aug. 2, 2020

We're away from home for 3-4 days every week on average. The home has leaky triple pane slider windows with the glass in good condition. I'm wondering if I could make some new sliders out of fir on the table saw (to replace the leaky plastic ones), and then make some thermal shutters out of EPS foam, and achive better results than buying all new windows for a fraction of the cost?

We have a ton of trees around the house so there is virtually no solar gain through the windows ever. The big benefit with shutters is that I could close them when we're not home (improved security) or on rooms that aren't being used. 

The home is 1980's construction in Northern Ontario, with 2x4 walls, and uses 240 BTU/hr per degree C difference on average. I'm trying to revive the old windows because I want to spend the money I would otherwise spend on windows on a heat pump hot water tank, which I can use to also help heat the house. 

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