Rain being drawn through windows on new build.

Kyle Bon
Updated: Oct. 5, 2021

We have almost finished building our new home on a ridge line in rural Victoria, Australia.

The house was architect designed and, due to its location (highest point of ridge) it was designed with a cyclone rating. The house is built on stumps, and approximately 1 meter off of the ground. We encountered a storm within the past few months, with high winds and rain. During the storm the western (weather facing) windows and doors were all subject to water penetrating the window frames causing water damage inside the house. We observed the incident and it appeared that water was bubbling in through the window frames and under the window and door seals, almost as though it was being suctioned inside.

Since the first large storm and damage there have been three more incidents similar in nature, only when rain is accompanied by high winds. 

The window company have returned and replaces seals, and sealed corners where water was getting in however it has continued to happen. The window company ensure they have fixed the problem and they are cyclone rated windows.

Given the position, no plinth boards across the bottom of the house allowing wind under the house also could the house have a negative pressure issue causing a vacuum type effect?

Is there anything else that could assist with reducing internal pressure? 

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