Insulated Window Bucks by Legalett by ThermaBuck PH

Insulating Window Bucks for ICF & Exterior Insulation Projects needing a high performance insulated window thermal buck that's adaptable on site

FAQs for ThermaBuck PH thermal buck system for windows

Insulated window buck installation and flashing details are below

Where to buy Insulating Window Bucks and thermal buck cost?

Insulated window bucks by Legalett are priced by the linear foot of insulating window bucks needed and the insulated window sill sections. Request an insulated window bucks quote here so we can include the transport cost to site.

How to install ThermaBuck PH window bucks with exterior insulation?

Installation of our insulating window bucks in a wall covered by exterior insulation couldn't be easier. Our standard profile is 11 3/4" wide, so this gives plenty of opportunity to effectively seal and securely fix the window buck to the main wall structure and be able to bridge the gap created between the exterior wall finish and the wall sheathing created by the additional insulation. If you need assistance or drawing details for installation or permit applications, be sure to request assistance from a local Legalett representative during the quotation process and we will be happy to help.

Are ThermaBuck PH insulated window bucks suitable for ICF wall construction?

Our insulating thermal bucks are ideal for use in the construction of ICF walls for the purpose of insulating window and door reveals. Designed by engineers with years of ICF construction experience, ThermaBuck PH simply replaces traditional lumber bucks and spans the exterior foam layer giving the ideal surface for flashing and air sealing to.

Can ThermaBuck PH be used as an insulated basement window buck?

Yes, the materials used in our high-performance thermal window bucks have been chosen to resist the conditions found around basement windows.

How to waterproof our insulated window bucks?

Under normal construction conditions and when correctly flashed and sealed our insulated thermal bucks shouldn't need additional waterproofing as the materials they are made from have been specifically chosen to give many years of reliable service.

Are ThermaBuck PH insulating window opening thermal bucks performance certified?

Yes, Legalett submitted ThermaBuck PH as part of their Passive House Institute certified ThermalWall PH Panel system which is a simple and cost effective way of boosting the wall insulation performance of practically any building, be that new build or renovation to Passive House or Zero Net Energy (ZNE) building standards. The ThermalWall PH Wall Panel System is also a Passive House Institute PHI Certified Component.

If you have any additional questions, or you want to get a rapid quote for our thermal window bucks, please use the simple form here.

High-Performance Insulating Window Buck installation details - ThermaBuck PH
High-Performance Insulating Window Buck installation details - the ThermaBuck PH thermal buck system
High-Performance Insulating Window Buck sill installation details - the ThermaBuck PH thermal buck system
High-Performance Insulating Window Buck sill installation details - the ThermaBuck PH thermal buck system


Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Contains recycled materials
  • Long lifespan
  • Developed with reduced environmental impact

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