ThermaSill PH Insulated Threshold Step by Legalett by Legalett

ThermaSill PH is an engineered solution for eliminating cold bridge or thermal bridging at door threshold steps with high structural integrity

ThermaSill PH is a cost-effective, durable and time-saving engineered solution for insulating doorway thresholds in buildings with concrete slab-on-grade foundations - creating an effective thermal break under entrance doors, sliding doors or in large patio door openings. This solution is ideal for ICF construction and especially important in cold climates, for Frost protected shallow foundations and any PH (Passive House), LEED or NZE (Net Zero Energy or ZNE) construction projects.

ThermaSill PH insulated threshold is certified by the Passive House Institute for cold and cool climates.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

Wood Fiber
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