How much window area can i have in passive house?

tony wolff
Updated: March 5, 2021

I understand Ecohome doesn't go by "old" rules of thumb 7-12% of floor area for direct gain or thermal mass. I have a 300 square foot area with direct gain (no thermal mass on floor) and another 300 sq ft of slab for my walk out basement. The orientation is south. I plan to use high performance windows, but not triple pane.

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tony wolff 3 years ago

Thanks a million ...totally agree about certification. I just want a passive "approach" I thought I read on ecohome that dual pane with suspended film is as efficient as low e triple

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago

Thanks Tony, and suspended film is an entirely different story. You hadn't specified that so I assumed you were talking simple double pane windows and its not likely that many houses would achieve PH certification with just that, or is it even following the general principles. So yes, Suspended film windows act like triple pane windows, or better even as they can have several films. All around I say go for it - I look forward to trying suspended films soon myself, and I think aiming for Passive House performance but not worrying if you don't quite make it is the best way to go!