How do you know when to replace old windows?

Dawn Thomason
Updated: March 22, 2022

Hi - I have a 40 year old passive solar house with wood wondows.  Some of the windows are fogged between the panes.  I don't know if I need replacement complete windows, or if I should try to just replace the glass in the problem windows.  I have had some trim work done over the years.  All the commercials I see talk about UV ray protection.  We have just plain glass, I think.  I have read quite a few articles on your website regarding this issue. I have about 35 windows, half of them @45" x 72".  I had a replacement estimate that made me ill, and that was just for vinyl, which you guys don't like.  I live in Colorado, and am just totally confused and discouraged.  When I call to set up appts., a few of the companies have no opinion on windows for a passive solar house.  Any advice would really help.  Would it be worthwhile to try smaller windowcompanies?  I have stuck with the major US brands.  

Thanks,  Dawn

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