Is this a good way to insulate drafty windows?

Robert Schmidt
Updated: Feb. 8, 2021

We moved into a condo that has some poorly insulated venting windows and sliding doors to a balcony.  If there existed a rectangular clear plastic bladder with three layers that could be made to fit in the space between the inner and outer windows, and if this bladder could be blown up with air, would it be effective in eliminating drafts and and behave much like a triple glazed window?  Who would make a prototype to test the idea?  The bladder would be easy to insert or remove and would be almost invisible.  I think the idea has merit.  

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Robert Schmidt 3 years ago

The double thermalpane windows that we have are good, triple pane would be better, because they are airtight windows and the trapped air between the windows acts like an insulation.  But the single pane sliding windows and doors are the problem.  With the plastic bladder I am suggesting,  when filled with air it would prevent all air leaks and would still allow radiant heat.  Storm windows can be custom made reasonably cheap and I think the bladders I am suggesting could also be made inexpensively, it needs to be tested and if it works it could fuel a whole new window industry sideline.  Robert Schmidt