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Guides for Ventilation Systems including Fans, HRV, ERV, Air Conditioning in High Efficiency Homes

Modern air-tight homes need mechanical air ventilation or circulation, especially when built to Passive House, LEED, Passive Solar or ZNE specifications (to mention a few Green Building certifications) or when reducing radon in homes. The following Ventilation Guides help make informed choices for Ventilation easier when building or renovating a home...

Which is the best ERV for cold climates?

Posted by Khoa Anh Nguyen Aug. 1, 2023 HRV and ERV 1 response

Where should you locate HRV and ERV exhaust vents?

Posted by Micara Muir July 12, 2022 HRV and ERV 3 responses

Can anyone recommend a trusted HVAC designer in NH for a new build?

Posted by Kevin Claeson July 12, 2022 Ventilation 1 response

Should I install an HRV or ERV?

Posted by David Hinton March 4, 2022 HRV and ERV 2 responses

What is the best ductless HRV system?

Posted by michelle ifversen Dec. 17, 2021 HRV and ERV 1 response

Does an air exchanger affect indoor humidity levels?

Posted by Dale Hanson Dec. 6, 2021 HRV and ERV 1 response

What type of hrv system should I put in a 4 year old home?

Posted by Ellen Murray Zappone Sept. 1, 2021 HRV and ERV 1 response

Can I regulate my heat/ air exchanger?

Posted by Paula Pearcey March 27, 2021 Ventilation

What type of HRV ventilation system should I use?

Posted by Erik Baardsen March 16, 2021 HRV and ERV

Should I get an HRV or an ERV?

Posted by RUPINDER ARORA March 12, 2021 HRV and ERV 1 response

Where to find Aeratron ceiling fans?

Posted by marlene schaly Feb. 21, 2021 Ventilation 1 response

Are there auto balancing ERV/HRV system?

Posted by Aldoogie Feb. 15, 2021 HRV and ERV 3 responses

How do you solve high humidity issues in a home?

Posted by Megan McIntosh Jan. 6, 2021 Ventilation

Should an HRV to ERV be the primary exhaust for bathrooms?

Posted by Doris Friesen Dec. 30, 2020 HRV and ERV 1 response



In this section you can learn why you need a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system in a modern house, how to choose between an ERV & HRV system for a Green Home, all about ceiling fans & air circulation or even why Cleaning HRV Units is such a Great Idea! 

While Effective Ventilation in Homes is Essential, so is controlling Air Quality & Energy Savings