Can I regulate my heat/ air exchanger?

Paula Pearcey
Updated: March 29, 2021

Every wnter I get very sick. I threw out all my flowers and tore up carpet in out rec room and had them come in and professionally clean out our ventilation ducts. Last week a doctor asked me if I had a air exchanger and to check the hoses and see if there is any water in the. I did and they have been dry as a bone for about 10 years.

He said the air exchanger is sucking all the moisture out of my home and it is too dry. I turned it off for a week and I must admit , my breathing got a lot better. Is there a way I can leave it on  have it going for so long and then shut off? I have COPD and the air in our house is so dry that it is making my breathing worse. I really don't want to shut it off completely but I have been so sick I have to do something. 

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