Could a ductless heat recovery ventilator be used for radon mitigation?

Jim B
Updated: Feb. 22, 2021

I have a 950 sq ft home, 65 years-old, in Arizona. Block construction, on cement slab, wood roof now insulated with 3" of foam. I have measure the radon with Airthings Waveplus and it varies between 3.5 and 6.5 daily during winter with all windows closed and the heat cycling on and off.

I know I could drill into the slab and use underslab air reduction, however since my level is not way out there, wouldn't a Blauberg Vemto Expert A50 1 S Pro work to remove enough radon to bring the level down to perhaps 2.0 or less? If not, would it work to have two of them spread across the house, one pulling in fresh air and the other pushing out?

I have a super high SEER Dave lennox Signature series air conditioner and new furnace (2019) that push air through the existing ductwork, however I realize that there is no fresh air coming in or stale being pushed out. Perhaps a plain old air-to-air exchanger that would change my whole house air every hour or so could be the best soultion, hooked inline with my existing system. What are your thoughts?

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