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Bob Engelhart
Bob Engelhart 4 years ago

Thank you. You got this almost exactly right, except that we are building a new home. I would like to use underfloor hot water heat throughout the house vs. traditional forced air. So, the heating systems would not have ductwork with leaves me having to figure out how I can 1. Add and air exchanger 2. Provide A/C 3. Add a make-up air 4. Add humidity. It seems I am going to end up with a lot of individual systems whereas if I used forces air all of those things would be part of the one system.

Mike Reynolds 4 years ago

Where are you building, Bob? Some building codes require HRV’s or ERVs to have makeup heat (which is just a small coil to raise the temperature of incoming air during the coldest times), so you might need to get some info from your local building inspector. The Lunos I mentioned above is a great system but it’s hit and miss for getting building inspectors to sign off on it, so you may need to be running ductwork to a centralized core any, but that is pretty standard in homes with radiant floors.

You could have an ERV with AC as well as makeup heat attached, so really that’s all in one system, but yes, it won’t have anything to do with your radiant heat system.

John Paul
John Paul 1 year ago

I have a home with swamp coolers and radiant heat. We do have ducts for the swamp coolers but no air intake from inside the home like a typical AC unit. Would a HRV unit work in this situation?