Best small ventilation HRV or ERV for a camper van or tiny house?

Ron Timmins
Updated: Oct. 14, 2021

Seems the only technology now available is a roof fan and an open window for ventilating my tiny home, which isn't a good solution in hot or cold climates. Ideally the HRV or ERC system I'm looking for would be powered by 12 or 24Vdc. Thanks

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Ron Timmins
Ron Timmins 3 years ago

I actually found one that works off 12Vdc! 
It's called the BAL 25110 Air-Port Fresh Air Exchanger. Doesn't have great reviews but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for getting back to me.

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago

Glad to year you found a suitable candidate Ron, let us know if it turns out to be a winner. 

Robert J. Pierson 3 years ago